Tripura Sundari The Beauty of the Three Worlds

Your theme for March is Tripura Sundari the beauty of the three worlds. In January, I introduced you to Tantra and the 10 wisdom goddesses. As you may recall, tantra uses different techniques to connect you to your True Nature.

First of all, sundari means beauty. Secondly, tripura means of the three cities. Hence, the three worlds refers to the three bodies- physical (matter), astral (energy), and causal (thought). In addition, they also represent the three states of consciousness as waking, dream and deep sleep. Sundari represents the ability to move beyond the material world and connect to that place of wholeness and innate perfection (purusha).


As David Frawley shares, “Sundari represents the ultimate beauty of pure perception which arises when we see all the universe in ourselves, when we see all nature as a reflection of the reality of consciousness.”

Characteristics of Tripura Sundari:

  • First of all, Sundari wears a crescent moon on her crown
  • Secondly, she has four arms. In two are her hands, she carries a sugar cane bow (representing the mind) and five flower arrows (representing the senses)
  • In addition, in her other two hands, she carries a noose and a hook, which allows her to cut off attachment to the outer world
  • Finally, we can use these words to describe Tripura Sundari: beauty & bliss, pure perception, knowledge, seeker of new experience and delight
Connecting to the Energy of Tripura Sundari The Beauty of the Three Worlds

There are several ways in which to connect to the energy of Tripura Sundari. Since Tripura Sundari is synonymous with perception, meditation helps you tap into her energy. In addition, connecting to your own sensuality is another way to access the energy of Sundari. Finally, giving yourself permission to try new experiences is yet another way to access her energy.

  • What is your reaction to words such as beauty and bliss?
  • How does your perception of the world color your experiences? Explain.
  • Are you a creature of habit or do you seek new experiences as a mode of personal growth and exploration?
  • Do you believe the Universe is a playground offering you opportunities to connect to your True Nature? Why or why not?
  • Which characteristics of Tripura Sundari resonate with you the most? Do you see those characteristics in yourself? Explain.


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