The Sacred Wound

you are drowning

you are suffocating

you are dying the slowest of deaths sacrificing your one holy truth your one holy being

you are standing at the edge of the abyss

how much more time should be wasted on war

war with your body your thoughts your life

do you see this dance

perpetual movement

running from fear running from pain

should you stop your rage will unravel unleash and when it is out there is no putting it back

the ultimate pandora’s box

i say let it out child

let the monsters out

they are part of you they are you

embrace them dance with them get lost in them

reclaim yourself

reclaim your holy sacred sensual being that craves to be seen touched entered in the most sanctimonious of ways

feel the tongue against the innocence of your sex

you are afraid of yourself you are afraid of that wound that place that calls you whore

you are afraid of who you are what you can become afraid you won’t get there

i know your fear

fear of not being able to return fear of missing out fear of being damaged

let this wound guide you home

let it crack you open rip you apart

let the shame of being broken seep into your pores

let the pain wash over you

this is your baptism your awakening

lean in child lean in

feel your throat close as you try to stop it from erupting

you are at the end and yet here you are at the beginning


feel your way through the darkness stumbling towards truth

let your fingers travel the depths of your wound

so fucking sick of this shit

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

move through it move past it don’t stuff it don’t deny it say it fuck fuck fuck vile stupid fucking cunt i fucking hate you i fucking hate you i want to be anyone but you fuck you fuck you

the damn is broken let it flow let the pain bleed into every pore of your being let the grief you have been running from slice through you suck the life out of you

let the darkness seize your soul so that you may be reborn

journey into the fire let it burn

and like the phoenix rising step into your power

stop turning away

stand naked in your vulnerability

pound the earth

release with guttural cries the pain and sorrow of all of your ancestors before you

all of humanity

bear that burden no longer

let it go

touch the belly of the underworld

witness the transformation

from fear to love

from uncertainty to grace

reconstruct the shattered pieces

glue yourself back together

like the warrior going to battle

fight for yourself

stop waiting for permission

grant it to yourself

the wound is the doorway home

step across the threshold

you are not broken

you are not defective

you are not damaged as the voices in your head whisper

you have been hiding

tucked away from even yourself

the sacred wound raw tender

beckons you to step closer

it is time child it is time

reclaim yourself

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