The Importance of Sadhana Sangha and Seva

Several of the main yoga texts teach the importance of sadhana sangha and seva. They help in terms of spiritual development. First of all, sadhana translates as daily spiritual practice. Secondly, sangha is the sanskrit word for community. Finally, seva means service. Hence, the question becomes how do these three tools help you stay focused on your path towards Self-realization?


The Importance of Sadhana Sangha and Seva

One of the key lessons that I learned from my teacher is what you do today is who you will become at the end of your life. In addition, Swami Satchidananda teaches that, “the aim of all spiritual practice is to know your real Self, to know the Knower… All spiritual practices are essentially done to help clean your mind. Only when you have a clean mind can you experience the truth.” Your sadhana is your first tool because it helps purify your body and mind. Your sadhana may include asana (poses), pranayama and meditation. In addition, it may include reading yoga scriptures and/or chanting. Furthermore, your sadhana might be 20 minutes or 2 hours. Make it fit your schedule.

Sangha is your tribe of souls who will call you out and lift you up. In addition, your sangha holds the same values and drive for connection, support and discipline. These are the individuals who challenge you to become the best version of yourself.

Finally, seva is service. It is your offering to the world. How do you want to show up and give back? Maybe you have time to volunteer or maybe you can meditate for world peace? Seva encourages you to step outside of yourself in order to meet another human being where they are in that moment.

Integrate Sadhana Sangha and Seva into Your Daily Life

One of the main reasons I created my online yoga studio was because I yearned for the camaraderie, compassion and connection that comes from circling with like-minded souls. I needed a group of individuals who would support me and keep me accountable to my own path and progress. One of my favorite quotes comes from Anne Lamott and is, my mind is like a bad neighborhood, I try not to go there alone.” My sadhana and sangha are the companions I take when I journey into my mind and challenge old habits and negative thinking. Seva is a reminder that we are all one. It puts your ego in the passenger seat. Seva invites you to share your gifts with the world and make a difference.

What you do on a daily basis, who you surround yourself with and how you give back will determine your progress on your path.

Do you have a daily practice and if so, what does it include? Are the people you surround yourself supportive and on a similar path as you? In what ways do you give back to your surrounding loved ones and community? What is one thing you can do this week to ingrate these principles into your daily life?


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