Who Would You Be If...

…you were comfortable in your own skin and didn’t care what others thought? You laughed more and worried less? You gave up the notion that putting your needs first was selfish? You found a community where you truly belong, no pretending?

You would be willing to disappoint others in order to stay true to yourself. You would live with your whole heart. You would live on your terms. You would know that it is safe to lean into your emotions. All of them.

“What you seek is seeking you.” ~Rumi

Welcome to Sacred Sangha. More than an online yoga studio and community, it is a homecoming to your True Nature. Sacred Sangha is ideal for you if you refuse to be defined by the way your butt looks in a pair of yoga pants. You crave true intimacy, authenticity and opportunities to continue to show up, strip down and bare all. You recognize that you don’t need anyone to save you. You can save yourself. And you are committed to creating a better world for all beings.


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FREE Yoga Videos, Meditations, E-books & More!

Get access to Moksha (Freedom) Alley
(A subscribers only page filled with yoga classes, e-books, meditations & more to fuel your passion for learning)
Plus receive weekly doses of inspiration, tips, tutorials, articles & more!

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