Compassionate Excavator of Truths
I have always been a truth seeker. My greatest passion is to teach people, like YOU:), how to dig deep, to sift through the layers of doubt, fear, judgment, and shame. I help you excavate and reclaim your intrinsic worth. It is in this space that you connect to wholeness.

Spirited Instigator of Curiosity
In my own journey, I learned to disconnect, escape, and numb out as a way to cope with childhood abuse and addiction. It was through the gift of yoga, Ayurveda and Jyotish that I learned how to remain present and become curious to sensations, emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Through humor, playfulness, and curiosity, I invite you to remain equanimous, non-reactive, to life experiences on and off the mat. It is in this space that you witness and connect to the grace, sacredness, and beauty that exists within and around you.

Intuitive Heart Connector
Connection is at the heart of everything I do. It is my deepest intention to witness and see you and mirror that love back to you. It is through the art of relationships that you learn the most about yourself. It is in this space that you have the greatest capacity to heal yourself and the world around you.

Fostering Sacred Connections Inside Out
My life’s path (dharma) is to help you connect to the truth of who you are, to show you how to trust that wholeness, and inspire you to live on purpose with purpose. By connecting to your inner light, you Source the unique gifts that you bring to the world. You live a more authentic and purpose driven life and are more adept at sharing your gifts with the world.

Breaking Free

Here are a few key moments, life experiences & random tidbits that helped me break free from old conditioning to live a more authentic life:

  • In between high school & college, I lived with a family of communist atheists in Italy. That was quite a shock for a naive 17 year old Catholic raised in an ultra-conservative Republican family.
  • I spent my 22nd birthday in rehab and got in trouble for having cider. Apparently, it ferments. Who knew!?
  • In 2001, Chris, Drew and I set off on an adventure of a lifetime. In March, we came out to Arizona (we had never been before). We went back to Michigan, sold our house and were in Arizona by June.
  • My godson passed away in a freak accident at two years old. It is one of the most earth shattering experiences to realize that in the midst of crisis, life continues around you.
  • I walked away from a $70,000 business investment as it no longer aligned with my values, almost cost me my marriage and was not serving my highest good.
  •  I am an INFJ on the Myers-Briggs Scale. We are seen as “creative nurturers with a strong sense of personal integrity and a drive to help others realize their potential.”
  • I ride a BMW F800ST motorcycle. It fuels the rebellious spirit within:)

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