Moksha (Freedom) Alley

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Get access to Moksha Alley, a subscribers only page filled with yoga classes, e-books, meditations and the Sacred Sangha Manifesto to help you connect to your inner guru. Plus, you will receive weekly inspiration, articles, tips, tutorials and more to help you live on purpose!

Moksha means freedom or liberation. I chose Alley so that you may become comfortable meeting the darker aspects of yourself  and ultimately embrace the beautiful being that you are. Plus, alley sounds like we shouldn’t be there and the rebellious spirit in me loves that!

I am always seeking ways to connect you to your inner guru because as you turn inwards, you connect to that place of intrinsic worth. You witness yourself in your wholeness as you collect the discarded aspects of self along the way. You remember your calling, your Dharma (purpose), and step into that space of knowingthat sweet spot beyond feeling like you are meant for something greater!