Are you left wondering what's next?

You gained such clarity after that first yoga teacher training. You felt home, comfortable in your own skin. It seemed like you found your calling. You felt alive, expansive, connected and grateful for this beautiful gift called life. You were ready to help empower and transform the lives of your students. 

The proverbial veil lifted and you saw yourself for the first time. You trusted in your innate perfection, your natural gifts and unique perspective that you brought with you in this lifetime. You knew you were here to make a difference and were confident in your ability to fulfill your dharma.

Taking that first yoga teacher training transformed your life beyond your wildest dreams. You were on the fast track towards enlightenment. The gift of that first training was that it felt as if you were truly seen and accepted for the first time in your life. You were able to show up as is, no judgment and no need to hide parts of yourself. You miss that connection, support and intimacy of your sangha (community).

You, also, miss studying in community. If you could get paid to learn, you would. It feeds your soul. You are the seeker, searcher of eternal truth. And as the perpetual student, you grew exponentially surrounded by your teacher and fellow students/teachers on the path towards self-discovery.

Connecting to your sangha meant acceptance, giggles and no longer feeling like an outsider looking in. YOU FOUND YOUR PEOPLE, other souls searching for a deeper meaning in life, diving deep below the surface...  You know, the change makers, who like you, are dedicated to improving the quality of life for others.

It was difficult to return to the minutiae of everyday living. What's worse now is that you are disconnected from that clarity, peace and support. While you continue to show up and hold space for your students, you wonder, "who's there to support me?"

One of the Biggest Challenges for You is

t r u s t i n g  y o u r s e l f

There are times when you're afraid you'll be exposed for being a fraud. Your students might discover that you don't know as much as you should. Or worse, they'll discover that you don't live the yoga lifestyle 24/7.

you strive to become a more confident teacher.

You are tired of second guessing yourself and doubting your abilities as a yoga teacher. You know you are meant for greatness and that you are your biggest obstacle. You are ready to stop judging yourself & start celebrating your unique gifts and light.

you struggle to find balance.

Whether you are working a full time job and teaching on the side or have shifted into teaching full time, you want to create a consistent sadhana for yourself. You know experience is the best teacher and you want to be able to share from your deepest truths and understanding.

you seek to truly understand your lifes' dharma (purpose).

While you understand that one's purpose seems to be the latest buzz word, you want to understand from a karmic perspective the deeper meaning and purpose of being here in this lifetime. This is the heart of yoga philosophy and one of your core needs to dive deep below the surface.

Hi, I'm Carrie. As a teacher & previous studio owner,  I know how powerful sadhana (spiritual practice), sangha (community) & seva (service) are in terms of personal transformation.

If you are reading this, I know that yoga has had a profound impact on your life!

In fact, you probably chose to become a teacher because you didn't want to be excommunicated from your family and friends. (I know that you tried to tell E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E and the mailman how awesome yoga is & what it can do for them. I've been there:).

Perhaps like me, yoga has transformed you on many levels. For the longest time you felt disconnected, like somehow you didn't belong. You struggled to fit into a world that was too cruel for your tender heart. You tried to do everything perfectly and at the same time, worked diligently to anticipate the needs of everyone around you. In the end, however, there just seemed to be a lot of overwhelm and resentment.

And then you found yoga and it seemed to turn your vulnerability into your cape of strength, courage and truth. Over time, though, those old feelings started to creep back in. The need to get the pose just right. The stress that there isn't enough time to learn all the poses, let alone the Sanskrit terminology. But gosh darn it, that is what is going to make you a great teacher. So you continue the cycle- comparing yourself to every yoga teacher out there (and that is no small feat my friend, there are over 70,000 of us in the world:), more trainings, more overwhelm- until you forgot why you became a teacher in the first place.

I understand. I have been through so many iterations of myself, I feel like I could author an encyclopedia of multiple personalities. It used to make me feel inadequate, like there was something wrong with me. I thought everyone else had their stuff together but me.

Now that the honeymoon period of teaching has passed, you feel lost, isolated & exhausted.

So what's the next logical step for you? Take more teacher trainings, read every book you can find and plan out each class in detail. You hope this will help build your confidence, define your niche and empower you to help transform the lives of your students. In the end, however, this path tends to expose your feelings of not knowing enough even more!

Let's get to the heart of the matter. You sometimes struggle with whether or not you should even be a yoga teacher because you don't feel you measure up. You don't feel worthy of the title or responsibility of helping your students stay safe, learn and grow.

And to top it all off, you feel you're the only one who feels this way. You constantly compare yourself to so-and-so teacher who's classes are packed or so-and-so teacher who floats across the room and must meditate for 8 hours a day. What was once your pathway to joy, spaciousness and freedom now seems to make you feel stuck and constricted.

You Would Love to Have a Yoga Teacher, Sangha (Community) & Studio in Your Pocket.

Your life would once again become clear, balanced and purpose-driven with access to your teacher & fellow students/teachers 24/7. Your teacher would provide the necessary tools to help you help yourself, knowing that you are supported and loved. You would be able to come for acceptance, wisdom and laughter WHENEVER you needed the validation from your fellow seekers. It would add so much to your life!

Doubting your abilities? You could pop into the Sangha for validation and clarity. Need a yoga class or meditation? Roll out your mat and practice wherever your heart desires. Want to connect more whole-heartedly with your purpose? Explore all 8 limbs of yoga, Ayurveda & Jyotish with the help of your teacher and fellow spiritual seekers.

Richer More Authentic Experience for Your Students

When you are supported, balanced and clear, you feel aligned and empowered. You are able to offer a richer, more authentic experience to your students. You become a catalyst for their growth and change. As you trust in your own unique gifts, path and voice you give your students permission to uncover and connect to their own path and purpose.

If you had a teacher, sangha & studio in your pocket, you could ask questions and problem-solve on behalf of your students. There would be a library of resources to pull from in designing your classes and programs for your students. You would be able to share from your deepest truth and understanding because you would have access to yoga classes, meditations, e-courses and trainings.

One of the greatest benefits of having your teacher, sangha & studio in your pocket would be the ability to access it whenever and wherever you needed it.

Sacred Sangha is the only interactive online community designed specifically for yoga teachers. I know that you crave the deep intimacy, connection & support from your first yoga teacher training. You will find it here! Sacred Sangha offers monthly live ONLINE (via Zoom) yoga classes, teacher Q & A sessions and book club calls. There is a library of yoga classes, meditations  and e-courses. The best part? SANGHA! Find and connect with fellow yoga teachers on their own journey towards Self-Realization also seeking intimacy, community and truth.

You CAN have access to your teacher, sangha & studio 24/7. Receive feedback, support and inspiration to empower yourself and your students. Create balance through accountability- yep! We want to make sure that you have a consistent sadhana practice.

Live Online Events: We meet via Zoom for our annual virtual retreat, 12 monthly book club calls, 12 monthly yoga classes & 12 Q & A sessions.

Integral Yoga: Learn yoga from the perspective of all 8 limbs as opposed to a more asana (postural) based approach. As Self-realization is the main aim of yoga, you will learn techniques and tools to help you on your path to connect more authentically to your True Nature. 

2 Dharma in Action Study Guides: Over 600 pages of reflection, self-inquiry, journaling prompts & enlightened action based on the Ayurvedic daily & seasonal routines and three of the four main paths of yoga- Karma, Jnana & Bhakti

Meet Some of Our Amazing Members

Kit Wilson Yoga Teacher

“Strengthened my self-confidence immensely.”

"I appreciate the community you have built and provided for us all that are on a journey into the Heart of Yoga. As a student and yoga teacher having access to the wealth of information and support the Sangha provides has strengthened my self-confidence as a student and a teacher immensely. I am very grateful! I am affected by your creative, compassionate and WISE teachings. You empower me when you share parts of your life experience with so much authentic TRUTH. It’s grounded and balanced. You are willing to look at the places in your life that need attention and share that moment with us. You share with such humility and compassion what it means to be Human and have very real human experience. I love your guidance to connect with your “Inner Guru” with your yoga videos, your book selections and wonderful foods to make. I Enjoy you and ALWAYS look forward to your offerings.

“Finding Carrie and Sacred Sangha was like discovering a treasure chest ...”

“Finding Carrie and Sacred Sangha was like discovering a treasure chest of gold nuggets of guidance and inspiration. Her e-courses are rich with theory and practice informed by almost two decades of practice and study. Carrie responds to personal questions and actively participates in the group forums."

Barbara Boyd Freelance Writer
Bethany Harowitz Teacher

“One of the best investments I have ever made.”

“Sacred Sangha went a long way to meeting my need for connection. Carrie's classes are so heartfelt and mellow, even when I'm challenged. While I've maintained my self-driven practice, it's a relief to have the reigns taken from me from time to time. Her e-courses appeal to the academic in me, and I have studied way more philosophy than I ever though I'd want to in my entire life! I've developed a meditation practice, and I actually write my thoughts and feelings down instead of just dismissing them. Sacred Sangha saw me through a very tough year, personally and professionally, and I absolutely credit it with cultivating the courage within me to change my path. It is one of the best investments I have ever made for myself and I don't see myself ever leaving."


Paid Monthly

Pay once every month

Live Online Events, 2 Dharma in Action Study Guides with Over 600 Pages of Reflection, Self-inquiry, a Library of Yoga Classes, Meditations & More!

$54 / month


Paid Annually

Pay once every 12 months

Live Online Events, 2 Dharma in Action Study Guides with Over 600 Pages of Reflection, Self-inquiry,a Library of Yoga Classes, Meditations & More!

$37 / month

A Few More of Our Members

Susan Miler Artist

“Exactly what I've been looking for to connect more fully with yoga.”

“This is exactly what I've been looking for to connect more fully with yoga and all that it has to offer me! Sacred Sangha offers me instructional videos, e-books, book studies, and connection with others on the yoga life journey, as well as LIVE classes which is another offering I had always dreamed of finding. Carrie is a gentle yet strong force in bringing the indwelling light into our lives."

“Guidance & support helps me understand more fully...”

“I love so many things about Carrie Hensley’s e-courses — the content is substantial without feeling overwhelming, I can work at my own pace and take what I need from each week’s lesson, I can share and connect with other e-course students online — but what stands out most is Carrie’s authentic, passionate, and wise voice. Her guidance and support throughout the courses helps me to understand the material more fully and to explore and truly transform my thought processes. I look forward to every new course Carrie offers because I know each one will provide me with new insights and new ways of living a positive, self-aware life.

Jen Lile Entrepreneur
Jessie Dunlevy Stay-at-home-mom

“Inspire you to live more openly, more whole-heartedly.”

“Carrie recently helped me turn a new leaf. With her personal guidance, I challenged corrosive patterns of thought and behavior, and I have lived the possibilities that arise when I believe who I am is whole and complete. Her light is contagious, and you can't help but let it inspire you to live life more openly, more whole-heartedly. I'm honored to call Carrie my mentor and my dear friend. She is truly a gift, and I'll always be delighted to sing her praises. 

Carrie Hensley
Founder of Sacred Sangha

Hey there! Yoga has fundamentally transformed my life at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. I believe an integral approach, one that encompasses all 8 limbs of yoga, is necessary for the path of Self-Realization.

I LOVE working with yoga teachers, like YOU:), who are looking to integrate the benefits of yoga, Ayurveda & Jyotish into their own lives and are seeking to offer their students something deeper and more transformative than just the physical poses.

t e a c h e r  s t u d e n t  r e l a t i o n s h i p

More than likely if you have read this far, you have found your sangha! You have come home. That being said, I want to make sure that we are absolutely the right fit and that our teaching styles align. I want you to continue to find practices and experiences that align to your highest Truth and purpose.

Still not sure? Email me at carrie {at} carriehensley {dot} com to schedule a 30 minute call. I'll be able to answer any questions you might have to help you make a decision that best supports you.

My dharma is to empower you to connect whole-heartedly to your light in order to share your unique gifts with your students. I want to make sure that Sacred Sangha is the right community for you. Here are a few benefits of joining us. We would love to welcome you!

Sacred Sangha

  • 24/7 Access to your teacher, sangha & studio for the price of a drop in yoga class.
  • Monthly Live (via Zoom) ONLINE yoga classes, teacher Q & A sessions & book club calls.
  • Library of recorded yoga classes, meditations, e-courses & more to empower you to help yourself.
  • Like-minded teachers to validate, support and walk alongside you on your journey.
  • Purpose-driven through the 600+ page Dharma in Action Study Guides. I am dedicated to helping you truly understand your purpose for being here in this lifetime.

Other Communities

  • You are just a number. There is no intimacy and authentic connection on a deeper spiritual level.
  • No live events.
  • Asana based. Other sites do not incorporate all limbs of yoga or the sister sciences of Ayurveda & Jyotish.
  • Sites are not specific to yoga teachers. They provide an opportunity to practice a yoga class but not empower you to become a more confident teacher.
  • More of a fitness approach to yoga. These communities do not look to help you integrate yoga, Ayurveda & Jyotish into your lifestyle.

w i t h  l o v e

  • Virtual All-day retreat (via Zoom) 
  • 12 Monthly live (via Zoom) ONLINE yoga classes plus access to a library of recorded classes
  • 12 Monthly live (via Zoom) ONLINE teacher Q & A sessions to answer any questions you have regarding teaching or your personal practice
  • 12 Monthly live (via Zoom) ONLINE book club calls 
  • Sangha of like minded yoga teachers dedicated to their own personal development and Self-Realization offering community, validation and genuine sincerity in helping you grow.
  • Lifestyle E-courses, Meditations, Study Guides, Manifestos, Affirmations & More
  • Dharma in Action Study Guides based on the Four Aims of Life (Dharma, Artha, Kama & Moksha) & Ayurveda to help you connect to your purpose (over 600 + combined pages!)
  • 50% Discount on online continuing education workshops & E-courses
  • Feedback, support & love from Carrie (your teacher with over 19 years of yoga teaching experience) to help you continue to learn, grow & share your gifts with your students.

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