Bhuvaneshvari The Queen of the Universe

Your theme for April is Bhuvaneshvari The Queen of the Universe. In January, I introduced you to Tantra and the 10 wisdom goddesses. As you may recall, tantra uses different techniques to connect you to your True Nature.

Bhuvaneshvari means the Queen of ruler of the Universe. She is known in the Vedas as the cosmic womb. The Goddess represents space, the field in which all things grow. Bhuvaneshvari represents space, creativity and possibility. Sally Kempton, author of Awakening Shakti shares that "Bhuvaneshvari is prakriti. But she is also way beyond prakriti... That's what makes her so mysterious. She both contains the cosmos and transcends it." In the Samkhya philosophy, prakrit represents the material world. David Frawley adds that she is, "the power of love that envisions the universe as creative play."


She is the Goddess to invoke when you need to remove negativity or fear. Call to Bhuvaneshvari when you need to slow down and create space. And finally, reach out to this incredible Goddess when you seek to begin a creative endeavor.

Characteristics of Bhuvaneshvari:

  • She is the color of the rising sun
  • She has four hands and three eyes (depicts her knowledge of the 3 worlds)
  • In two of her hands, she holds a noose and a goad (this symbolizes her control over the world)
  • In her other two hands, she makes mudras to release fear and grant requests
  • She sits on a conch-like throne which represents the five forms of Shiva, from which Bhavaneshvari can direct all movements in the Universe
  • Words to describe Bhuvaneshvari: Serene, peace, space, love, creator of world, destroyer of negativity, energy underlying Creation, great protector

Connecting to the Energy of Bhuvaneshvari The Queen of the Universe

There are several ways in which to connect to the energy of Bhuvaneshvari. This first is through meditation as you will begin to feel the space, the expansion around your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Another practice to connect with Bhuvaneshvari is to experiment with pranayama (breathing techniques). Notice the pause at the end of each inhale and at the end of each exhale. Sign up for something that invokes your creativity, like a painting, writing or dancing class. Or step on your mat and let your creative intuition take over and move you.

  • Do you create "space" in your life for joy, beauty and love? Explain.
  • Do you use your life experiences as opportunities to open or close your heart?
  • Where does negativity creep up into your life (ie. work, home)? How can you use the energy of Bhuvaneshvari to cut through this negativity?
  • How can the energy of Bhuvaneshvari (the creator of the world )help you in regards to your life's purpose? Do you feel you are connected to your dharma? Why or why not?
  • Which charactereistics of Bhuvaneshvari resonate with you the most? Do you see those characteristics in yourself? Explain.


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