Ayurveda Spring Cleanse Workshop at Gilbert Yoga

Spring is almost here! According to Ayurveda, one of the most ancient forms of traditional medicine, the changing of seasons is a powerful time to let go of all that you are holding onto. As a result, it is an essential time to detoxify body, mind & spirit.  Join Heather & Carrie for the Ayurveda Spring Cleanse Workshop at Gilbert Yoga. During the workshop, you will learn to move through the Spring Equinox with ease and purpose. In addition, you will experiment with techniques that strengthen your immune system. Finally, you will begin to rebuild your digestive fire- the center of health and well-being.

Some of the topics covered during the workshop:

  • Learn to cleanse body & mind through daily foods & beverages
  • Release excess kapha through various detoxifying techniques
  • Rebuild your system with rasayana (nourishing) techniques
  • Restore your body & mind through breath, movement and meditation
  • Stay balanced throughout the spring season
Ayurveda Spring Cleanse Workshop at Gilbert Yoga
Join Heather & Carrie for an afternoon of community, learning and detoxification.

A cleanse is a beautiful opportunity to release anything that may be weighing you down. It will, also, lift you up into the new season. We can’t wait to spend the afternoon with you!  Once you complete your registration, we will send you an email with a few questions to determine your dosha. This will help you achieve an optimal experience for your body, mind and intention (sankalpa). Ultimately it will help you create a purposeful  and healthy spring. If you have any questions regarding the Ayurveda Spring Cleanse Workshop at Gilbert Yoga, please email questions to Carrie at carrie@carriehensley.com