Soul-Full Sundays: Tal Gur

Tal is one of the most passionate people I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with. He embraces life with consciousness, sets his own rules, and encourages nothing but the best from others. He is one of the most inspiring people I know. He is constantly setting and achieving various personal and professional goals and invites us each to do the same.

How are you following your life path (dharma)?
My life path is to enable people (myself and others) to turn their dreams into reality. I do this by keeping a long list of life goals that I want to achieve and then pursue them with all my heart and soul to make it happen.

Have you always had this calling? If not, was it a sudden/gradual shift?
I’ve always loved to follow my dreams but my biggest shift happened after the army. I embarked on a long motorcycle trip in Australia & immediately fell in love with this remote, vast and spectacular corner of the world. I decided to migrate to the country and live there which involved saving quite a bit of money and go through a long and complex process. When I accomplished this dream a few years later, I knew one thing: my life was changing forever.

What did you have to give up by honoring your path?
Oh, so much… Every big dream requires sacrifice of some kind and the bigger the dream, the bigger the sacrifice. To migrate to Australia for example, I had to give up on my home country, my native language, my close friends, and my family. Not an easy feat for everyone 🙂

What have you learned/gained by remembering your true nature (honoring your path)?
I personally believe that striving to achieve your dreams is a true gift. That kind of drive holds the key to a richer and more meaningful life. And, I also believe that helping others to achieve their dreams is a great privilege and a pathway to realizing my own. Honoring my path has been rewarding in so many levels…

What is one thing you do every week to honor your innermost authentic Self (connection to Source)?
I love escaping back to nature to recharge and renew. I try to do it at least once a week. My partner and I are now looking for a house that appeals to the nature enthusiast in us, something close to hiking trails and green spaces. That way we can enjoy time out in nature on a more regular basis.

What is one treat you can share with us to bring along on our own path towards freedom?
Breaking away from what is being expected (other people’s dreams) has the potential to set one free. it’s not about what’s sensible and what other people want.. it’s about what appeals to you, what’s in your heart and spirit…

You can find Tal at either of his websites, and, on Twitter and Facebook.


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