5 Ways to Boost Your Creativity


One of the questions that I am commonly asked is, “how do you balance time for your business, family, and yourself?” My answer… I am an organizational freak. Growing up, there was a store, in town, called Cargo Hold. It had all kinds of neat organizational paraphernalia. Yes it was my drug of choice… One full rack of Hello Kitty notebooks with mini pencils, mini notepads, mini anything I could get my hands on. Organizing is a love affair I’ve carried over into my adulthood, an addiction I have tamed over the years… For example, I no longer add things to my to do list, that I’ve already done, just so I can cross them off my list…

Being organized means you don’t have that underlying nagging feeling that you are forgetting something. It’s written down. Being organized means you can clear space to do what lights you up. This way you don’t overbook. Being organized means seeing something through from conception to completion. Ideas become concrete.

A few of my favorite organizational tools:

Dropbox: Dropbox has made my life easy. It is a free service that allows me to access my files online, whether at home or on the go, on my computer or on my IPad. It also allows me to share files, instantly, with my clients and/or mastermind group.

BizExpensTrkr: This is a great tool for personal and professional use. It helps you keep track of your spending habits. I can take photos of my receipts to keep on file. I can even track my time spent on different projects.

Optimizer Pro: Optimizer Pro helps me track my personal and professional goals. It allows me to assign tasks to my overall goals, breaking down ideas into manageable action items.

Silence is golden. You know I had to add this phrase given it’s one of my words for the year… How much of your day is spent in reflection? I know we are all SUPER busy but here is what I have found over the years. The more time I spend in silence the more connected and clear I become. The more busy and over-packed my day is, the more disconnected and overwhelmed I feel. Through silence, we learn to differentiate between our own truths and the truths imposed by others. Through silence, we begin to connect to our own personal dharma, the reason we are here. Through silence, we tap into our core, that place of innate perfection, unlimited creativity, total potential, endless possibilities. Through silence, we begin to witness the whole color palette, not just the shades of grey stuck between black and white.

Experiment: One of my favorite exercises from my first yoga teacher training was to practice a day of silence. Could you do it? A whole day of learning to communicate creatively, without the use of your voice?

Listening is the yin to silence’s yang. Do you trust your gifts? Do you harness your intuition, listen to your gut? Do you believe you have something to create? Silence provides the fertile ground to begin to listen to our heart’s whispers. We communicate with ourselves all the time. However, many of us were taught to stop listening to ourselves many years ago in order to secure love and acceptance.  Research says we have approximately 60,000 thoughts per day. 80% of those thoughts are repetitive. Listening means being willing to disappoint in order to honor our dharma. Listening means challenging the beliefs of “I am not good enough,” “I have nothing to offer,” “I couldn’t possibly do that, it would never work.” Listening means owning your greatness and being willing to share your gifts with the world.

When we simplify, we move stagnant energy. This may come in the form of cleaning out closets and donating clothes we have not worn in 6 months… shedding relationships that keep us stuck in old conditioning… making a conscious choice to stop hanging out at the water cooler around work… getting clear on our personal core values so they guide our daily choices.

When we simplify, we strip away the unnecessary layers of busyness. When we simplify, we melt out of mind and into heart. When we simplify, we stop rationalizing and start feeling. When we simplify, we embody the present moment. When we simplify, we stop running into an unknown future or visiting a past that cannot be changed.

Interesting little fact: Did you know that Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs wore the same outfit everyday? That brings simplification to a whole new level!

In The Gifts of Imperfection, one of Brene Brown’s 10 guideposts is play & rest. Play is an essential component to creativity. It ignites our imagination. How can we create if we are over-worked? We have nothing left to offer. Play reminds us to see the beauty permeated in all life. Play reminds us that we are innately perfect, we don’t have to strive for perfection externally. Play reminds us to slow down and smell the proverbial roses. Play reminds us to tap into our inner child, that sense of complete wonder and excitement, free from expectations and judgments.

For my latest client, REWIND Yoga, I have researched a lot of information on the psychological and physical aspects of aging. As adults age, they reflect on their lives and either feel at peace (ego integrity) or feel depressed for not living the life they always wanted (despair). How many of us spend our days working for today in order to enjoy tomorrow. The problem is tomorrow may never come. If tomorrow does come, we don’t know what she’ll bring with her… a recession… family break up… illness…

Play gives us permission to infuse joy and lightness into our day. Play tells us to celebrate this moment. Play asks us to tap into the gift of being human and savor our experience with humor, compassion, and connection.

Thoughts for the day: What is your ratio of work to play? What do you do to renew & recharge yourself?

How do you boost your creativity?




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  • gina rafkind says:

    Carrie, love your tips……..Silence truly is golden for me…….stillness is such a treat and that why I be still every day :). I also use dropbox and love it…..I’ll have to check out some of those other tools……..and I loved the Gifts Of Imperfection…..awesome read!!!

  • Petrea says:

    Well put Carrie! All your tips are vital to a creative and happy life. With more play in our life it is amazing how many other things just flow more easily into our lives.

  • I love the combo of some practical planner tips, and these larger ways of being. Thanks!

    I write Morning Pages every day (3 pages, longhand, first thing) and have for many years after completing “The Artist’s Way,” -Julia Cameron.

    I’ve recently moved back to the woods and have an outhouse rather than indoor bathroom. I had forgotten how much peace and inner stillness and contentment I get when I am forced to go outside (and at night), even when it means peeing in the snow!

    One great tool I use when I’m balancing creative time/work time/family time is a 10 minute timer. It just helps me not get lost on the internet or cleaning, and it also lets me know that I’m not “wasting time” playing: work time will come again, and both are valuable.

    This was my first visit to your site–found you on Twitter. Thanks for a moment of stillness and inspiration!

  • Silvia,
    Thank you for sharing:)

  • Gina,
    You introduced me to dropbox. Thank you for that!!! Daring Greatly is another of Brene’s gifts to us all!

  • Well said, Petrea! Other things do flow more easily, don’t they? We have more energy, more innovation, more adaptability when we play!

  • Rose,
    I love my morning pages! I also like the idea of the ten minute timer. It sounds like the perfect way not to get too lost in the moment. Thank you so much for stopping by the site. P.S. Your retreat at the beginning of February sounds heavenly.

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