Soul Lesson 54: Ask And You Shall Receive

Do you believe things happen to or for “other” people? Do you believe good things couldn’t happen this lifetime? Do you believe you don’t deserve nice things, vacations, etc? Where did these thoughts come from? Do you write out your goals? Do you dream daily? Do you know your deepest desires, your heart’s greatest longings? How do you know where to direct your energy without writing these concepts down?

One of the common themes I continue to hear from the AMAZING speakers from The World’s Biggest Summit is: ASK. Source is here to support you. For many of us, the guilt of asking for what we want keeps us stuck. What if by asking for what we want/need it helps us fulfill our life’s purpose (dharma)?

Setting goals helps to focus and harness our energy in a more purpose-full way:

  • Right click the below picture
  • Print and cut to size
  • Write out three goals that you want to fulfill
  • Tell someone your goals (this helps with manifestation & accountability)
  • Keep this with you to remind you the direction you are moving


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October 3, 2011

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