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40 Soul Lessons

Posted by on Nov 17, 2011 in Mindfulness | No Comments

Happy Thursday! Today, I turn 40. In honor of this milestone, I’m sharing 40 of the soul lessons I’ve learned along the way, in no particular order: Life is about ebbs and flows Not everyone will like you Find people who do You are enough Listen to yourself Yoga and meditation are the keys to […]

Soul Lesson 2: You Are Perfect, Whole, and Complete

“I am the primal seed within all beings, Arjuna: the wisdom of those who know, the splendor of the high and mighty.” ~The Bhagavad Gita You are perfect, whole, and complete. Your body is an exquisite masterpiece molded just for you. Your mind is a wonderful puzzle meant to tantalize your senses and awaken your […]

Soul Lesson 54: Ask And You Shall Receive

Posted by on Oct 6, 2011 in Personal Growth (Svadhyaya) | No Comments

Do you believe things happen to or for “other” people? Do you believe good things couldn’t happen this lifetime? Do you believe you don’t deserve nice things, vacations, etc? Where did these thoughts come from? Do you write out your goals? Do you dream daily? Do you know your deepest desires, your heart’s greatest longings? […]

Soul Lesson 99: 99% Practice 1% Theory

Posted by on Sep 27, 2011 in Personal Growth (Svadhyaya), Yoga | 2 Comments

“Practice and all is coming.”~Pattabhi Jois What does it take to wake up and actively participate in life? What does it take to pick up the pieces when something doesn’t go the way we had hoped? What does it take to let go of what has been done and cannot be undone? What does it […]

Soul Lesson 10: 10 words to live by

Posted by on Sep 13, 2011 in Mindfulness, Unapologetically Me | 2 Comments

Don’t judge, don’t compare, give up the need to know. These words, shared by two of my favorite life loving friends, Maria & Bill, have resonated deep within me. These words should have been pulled off the infamous Everything I ever learned I learned in kindergarten poster. Don’t Judge: A great story from my bff […]

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